Boracay Beach

Jet Ski Activity on Boracay Island

For some people riding a Jet Ski might be the ultimate pleasure during a beach vaccation like on Boracay Island, for others it is the ultimate night mare.

On some holiday destinations, Jet Ski might be a potential danger when this fast "Water Missiles" come too close to the beach and race back and for between the swimmers and snorkelers.

Para Sailing ans Jet Ski  on Boracay Island
Both, Jet Skis and Para Sailing Operators have to stay away from the beach.

Well, not so on Boracay Island. If you want to ride a jet ski here, you will be taken by a small boat from the beach to floating plattforms, far outside from the beach front. And this is also where you are allowed to ride them. It is not allowed to drive close to the beach in any way. This regulation keeps Boracay safe for both, the jet ski riders and the sun lovers along the beach.