Boracay Beach

The Bulabog or Kite Surfer Beach

Bulabog Beach is the second longest beach on Boracay and is located right opposite the famous White Beach on the other side of the island.

Compared to White Beach, the Bulabog Beach is more quiet and there are not as many shops and hotels on that side of the island. You'll also not find as many swimmers in the water. That's because Bulabog Beach has a long and wide but shallow lagune and a continious strong wind from the east is blowing on shore.

Bulabo Beach | Kite Surfer Beach | Boracay

That's why Bulabog Beach is the beach for the Kite Surfer and Wind Surfers. Sometimes hundrets of them using the lagune for their sport at the same time.

Note: Currently (early December 2019) numerous demolition works are taking place along Bulabog Beach. Hotels and all other buildings along the beachfront must keep a distance of at least 15 meters from the highest waterline (at high tide). Everything that was built too close to the beach in the past is now being demolished and that is how it looks there right now. This condition will certainly continue for several weeks.

The strong eastern wind is just right for them to surf parallel to the beach. A long reef outside the lagune protects the beach and the water in the lagune from high waves. It's just perfect...
From time to time even international Kite Surfing Competitions are being held at Boracay Island.

Book Now: Hotels at Bulabog Beach

Hotels at Bulabog Beach are usually a bit cheaper than on White Beach and as I said, there are not as many either. Evenings are also quiet here but you can easily walk over to the White Beach which is just about 600 meters away.